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    Making a list of everything I want to update or add to the website to make it as cool and useful as possible!

      Fix Slowness/Lag All around site
      Add Database Items for the following: Characters, Item Drops, Raid Events, Character Inventories, Raid Stats
      Add group auto finding functionality (automatically know who has what and needs which items…. suggest groups based on this)
      Add Guild Bank to website sync & View
      Add Profession Lists (sortable, missing xyz recipe, by player, ect)
      Rewards Listing (website, achievements, other)
      Quest Completed List – Addon sync with website
      Current Reputation & How to Increase Rep per faction
      Wow Donations
      Real Money Donations
      Add DKP integration to website (automate from in game)
      Add DKP and other info to Profile Nav Menu
      Raid Analysis break down (Current Gear vs Time Alive vs Boss Time Alive

    Please leave a comment if you have other thoughts or ideas to add to the list!!

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    Update Notifications for Emails
    Add admins/officers a page to view applicants and their status (Easily approve/reject/comment)
    Add application comments
    Add application status (approved, declined, ect, datetime)
    Add products for donation money (t shirt or something???)
    Toxic Original Forums Transferred to new site…bookmarks

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    Add Calendar of Events (Skirmishes, Raids, Birthdays)
    List by week (“What’s Coming this Week?”)

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    Hey guys! Just writing up the new to do list for the guild and the future. If you feel lead to help with any of the following let me know ASAP!

    Class Specific:

    Updating Macro listings for classes
    Class specific consumable list (minimum and also max consumable)
    Full gear check and enchant check on all recruits +
    BIS Listings per class/spec — Top items per slot (IE: List from BIS Naxx to Pre-raid BIS)

    Guild Specific:

    New rank requirements (30 day eval — BIS Enchants, Mount, 90% attendance, ~100% on time, no missing pre raid gear, consumables, raid performance (how tell?), weekly guild donation, how to check they are maintaining and what threshold to demote again?) — Track somehow….
    Recruitment Update
    Tuesday Guild Farming Events and/or Minimum donation requirement for DKP
    Winterspring Giant Farming — Talk to GM and get Screenshot
    Listing of Key Items and current BIS and table showing who has and whos missing — Pronator
    MC & BWL Alt Runs??? BWL GDKP Runs???
    AQ40/AQ20 priority list (when do we update BWL loot list to reflect new listings?)
    Officer role requirement (reporting & updates) — Bbqshrimp
    Officer Training of members…(how to do this correctly)
    Player Weekly Top Class Award or Recognition


    First Nef Kill Upload
    Birthday Party Upload (Jillybean)
    Birthday Party Upload (Pronator) Published Jan 27, 2016
    Christmas and New Years Events Video Posted
    Customized Video Addition Logo
    Guild Statistics (# Kills, loot quantities, dkp cost, DKP earn vs spent, graphs…)
    Continue Website development (pics, art, etc)


    AQ40 Gear Listing (NR Tanks, NR Melee/Hunters, Shadow Warlocks) *Malarr
    AQ40 Mats Required (Event, NR Gear, repair bots, nature pots, etc etc — listing and updatable for guild events) *Malarr
    AQ40 and AQ20 Boss/Trash Guides *Malarr
    AQ40 Opening Event Walkthrough (time, screenshots, # players required, etc)
    AQ Twilight Events — Pronator
    Cenarion Circle Reputations and Items Guide


    Update Addon List w/ descriptions
    Export SW Stats Data Information (Crit, player dmg, class, boss name, fight duration)
    Update Guild Helper addon (List offline/not in raid)
    Realm Players drop chance module

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    Ok, officer roles and requirements!!!

    First off, all officers should be kept up to date on all decisions made by the GM and the rest of the officers,. That means asking for any updates that may have happened while you were logged off for more than a day etc. Also we should have a weekly meeting or by weekly, on weekends or something so we can all be on the same page. That way if there are any issues we need to talk about, we can. These could only take 5 minute of our time if we are consistant

    Officers should keep a cool head when other members are around in the channel or party. ( yes, that means me too) If there is something that you disagree with or have a problem with, say so in officer chat, or pull someone to another channel.

    We all need to keep up to date on our members gear , consumables, and enchants pertaining to our class role for raids. Also we all need to check our raid stats to see how they are performing in raids, that includes trash,dps,deaths/ass pulls,amount of time spent afk etc. etc. It might help to go over this stuff at least once monthly, like have a little class meeting after a raid some time, or on an off day.

    If a member of your class isnt pulling his weight in raids, have a talk with him/her. Give them a heads up that they arent up to par and that they need to improve, it should not matter how much we like them, the goal is to cut the dead weight. Or if you notice someone of another class bring it up to that class lead so they can handle it. But keep in mind, it may just be a gear thing.

    I will add, or subtract from this later, but i think this is a good start for all of us to work on

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